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Nite Ride

Nite Ride

NITE RIDE transports people of all genders. This service is powered by a mobile application that allows users to request rides from their smartphones.

  • Persons of All Genders will be welcome on NITE RIDE
  • NITE Ride employs an app-based service using the NITE RIDE app so rides can be scheduled at the click of a button
  • NITE Ride will pick up and drop off at any location within our boundaries.
  • NITE Ride’s phone number will remain 319-384-1111 
  • NITE Ride service will be limited to the east side of the river for the duration of football games and other high profile events at Kinnick Stadium due to excessive traffic.

To learn more about nite ride, visit the website

UI Rideshare

UI RideShare Network uses state-of-the-art technology and software to help university employees and students find commuting partners who also work or study at the University of Iowa.  The system can also be used for single-trip matching to athletic, performance, or community events plus options for finding walking, biking, and transit buddies.

For more information, please visit the UI Rideshare website

Resources for Living Off-Campus

Fall Break: Tips, Safety, Parking

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48 Hour Parking Rule

If you're heading away, but your vehicle will stay, refresh yourself on the details of this rule and avoid being towed and fines.

Frozen Pipes

As temperatures take a nose dive, take precautions to keep household pipes from freezing and avoid damage to your home and belongings. 

When the Snow Falls

Ready or not, it'll be here before we know it.  Know what your responsibilities are so that all people have access to your neighborhood's sidewalks for getting around.  Also, learn what to do when the City declares a snow emergency, as on-street parking will be limited to allow plows to fully clear the streets after an extreme winter storm.

SourceIowa City Update - Your source for Iowa City news and information.

Resources for Living Off-Campus Miscellaneous

Bike Safety & Maintenance

Bike Safety:

Bicycle riders should follow the rules of the road along with motor vehicles. Adhering to the laws protects you and other motorists. Remember these tips for everyone’s safety:

  • Wear a bicycle helmet
  • Respect the pedestrian right of way
  • Anticipate conflict
  • Follow the traffic laws
  • Share the road and walkways

To find more information on biking, including regulations and registration, click here

Bike Maintenance: 

University Parking and Transportation has installed several bicycle repair stations and air pumps on the main campus.  These stations and pumps are free to use and provide tools necessary to perform basic repairs and maintenance; from changing a flat tire to adjusting brakes.  For help with repairs use the Quick Read (QR) code on the front of the Repair Station to view detailed instructions on your smart phone. 

Locations can be found here.  

Maintenance & Utilities Resources for Living Off-Campus